Our Class In Pictures: Pupils-L-Class Welcome to Mr Christensen and Mrs Doyle’s Class

Welcome back parent letter

Topic MTP year 6 autumn 1

Autumn 1 Olympic Odyssey

Tackling Shakespeare

Spring 1

Earth Matters

Autumn 2 Ancient Greece overview

Topic MTP Autumn 2 Ancient Greece

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Topic Spring 2

Earth Matters

Topic MTP

Spring 1

Earth Matters

Topic Heroes  Summer 2017 - 1

Overview Heroes  Summer 2017 - 1

Welcome to year 6! Our teachers are Mr C and Mrs Doyle who work alongside their teaching  assistants Mrs Ives and Miss Hyatt. We also  received specialist teaching from Mrs Teague (music),  Senorita Wright (Spanish) and Mr Taylor (Mathematics). Pupils-F-Class Pupils-E-Class Pupils-G-Class