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Welcome to Chemical Class -  We are now enjoying working in our new classroom which is situated  on the upper floor of our brand new school building. Pupils-Home Pupils-C-Class Pupils-D-Class Pupils-B-Class Pupils-H-Class Pupils-L-Class Pupils-Music-Class Pupils-MFL-Class Pupils-I-Class Pupils-M-Class Pupils-A-Class Pupils-Computing-Class


2016 2017

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Autumn 2

Spring 2


Spring 2 timetable.pdf The world around us  topic Spring 2.pdf

The World Around Us Topic Spring 2


Spring 1

Another time another place topic Aut 1

Our class and areas.

Summer 1

Topic Planner

Greek Day:

Newsletter Spring 2

Summer 2 Topic Planner

Newsletter Summer 2

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