We are in a lovely large classroom on the ground floor of St John’s house.   It has wonderful views over the school field and across the Solent. Breadth Planner 2016-17.pdf Skelton Class medium term plan.pdf Breadth Planner  2016-17 Medium Term Plan Pupils-Home Pupils-C-Class Pupils-D-Class Pupils-B-Class Pupils-H-Class Pupils-L-Class Pupils-Music-Class Pupils-MFL-Class Pupils-I-Class Pupils-M-Class Pupils-A-Class Pupils-Computing-Class

All Copyright is held by the respective owners Music / Original video.  

Video of: Everest Roller Coaster - Disney Animal Kingdom Theme park Walt Disney World Florida USA.  Music Right Round Flo- Rider.   For educational Use only.  

Talking about our boxes : Place Value : Pupils-F-Class Pupils-E-Class Pupils-G-Class Pupils-F-Class