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This term in Early Years we are continuing to follow the interests of the children are are excited to see where this might take us! Last term we found out about Pirates, our bodies and visits to the doctors, the post office, the dentist, we were builders and met with the builders building our new school!

We take our learning outdoors every day, building with large construction, making wonderful creations in our mud kitchen, creating large scale water play and more! This frosty, cold weather has already lead us into an exploration of where ice comes from and how it melts. We have followed an interest in wheeled toys and created a petrol station and car wash outside to enhance our play.

Our overall concept which will thread through all that we do and links to our R.E focus is 'Special Things.' We will be looking at what it means to be special and considering similarities and differences between our friends and families when we find out what is special to us and them. We will also be looking at different parts of the world and finding out about what is special to different religions and cultures.

We will continue to develop our early reading and writing skills by continuing to focus on segmenting sounds for spelling to support in our writing and using our sound buttons to support us in segmented and blending words for reading. We will be learning different strategies to help us with our reading of sentences and stories. 

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