Oakfield School is situated on the Isle of Wight just outside the beautiful Victorian English Seaside town of Ryde and is only a few miles away from Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the stunning historic Yachting towns of Seaview and Cowes.

The main School house was founded in 1769 and still boasts some fine original features.  Other school buildings on site date from the eras of the 1950’s, and 1970’s.

The school site is home to 2 of the tallest Redwood trees on the island along with many poplars, other native and non-native trees as well as well kept wild areas. Within the grounds there are also the ruins of an old stone folly.  

Many of Oakfield’s buildings can offer an ideal setting for period and modern dramas as well as the site being ideal for sporting or other open field sets that requires a sea view.

It goes without saying that the Oakfield school and site offers a wide range of facilities for educational themed filming during the usual holiday periods.  It is unusual as although it’s classrooms are of a typical primary school nature, it’s surroundings and grounds and views are far more beautiful that the normal school setting.  

This building is current undergoing refurbishment until Autumn 2017.