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About Me:

Spanish club- guacamole

European Day of Languages -

European market (Poland),

Departure lounge- ready for take

off language competition run by

feeder high school-

The bigger picture-

earthquake drill, Mexico

Our Father-prayer in Spanish

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Long Term Planning 1


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Our class and areas. Home Learning Links: Early Years   Miss Howlett and Mrs Cascarini.pdf year 4 Mrs Scovell autumn 2.pdf yr 3 autumn 2 Mrs Robinson.pdf Yr1 Autumn 2 Mrs Rowe 2017 18.pdf Yr 1 and 2 Autumn 2 Mr Snelling 2017 18.pdf autumn 2 yr 5 and 6 Mr Bosworth.pdf Autumn 2 yr 4 and 5 Mrs Stanford.pdf yr 2 and 3 autumn 2 Miss Gaskin.pdf autumn 2 yr 6 Mr C Mrs D.pdf Yr2 Autumn 2 Mrs Bridle 2017 18.pdf Our Curriculum

Autumn 2

Mrs Howlett

 Mrs Cascarini

Autumn 2

Mrs Rowe

Autumn 2

Mr Snelling

Autumn 2

Miss Gaskin

Autumn 2

Mrs Robinson

Autumn 2

Mrs Scovell

Autumn 2

Mrs Stanford

Mr Jarvis

Autumn 2

Mr Bosworth

Autumn 2

Mr C and Mrs Doyle

Autumn 2

Mrs Bridle

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Spring 2  overview Spanish 2018