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Year 6 Curriculum Breadth Planner 2017 2018 HD RC

Topic MTP Autumn 1 Hola Mexico

Welcome to year 6! Our teachers are Mr C and  Mrs Doyle who work alongside their support staff  Mrs Ives and Miss Connolly.  We also receive specialist teaching from  Senorita Wright (Spanish), Mr Ritchie (ICT) and  Mr Taylor (Mathematics).

About Me:

About Me:

Autumn 1 Parent letter.pdf

Autumn 1 Letter to Parents  

Romeo and Juliet; the fight scene.

Terrific Scientific; brain training!

I am the Senior Leader for Maths and Science  and love teaching year 6 even though I have an  Early Years background!  I really enjoy walking, music and eating out! Pupils-I-Class Pupils-J-Class Pupils-K-Class I have a Middle School background and have  been teaching for 32 years. Oakfield is a  wonderful school in which to teach and I am  looking forward to sharing a learning journey  with Year 6 this year.