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Sample Medium Term Plan

Letter to Parents Aut

In English this term we will be focusing on Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone focusing on immersion into Harry Potter, letter writing, story hooks and Instructions for riding a broom!! In conjunction with this, work will continue to be developed on English comprehension, grammar, spelling and handwriting.

In Maths work will continue to be developed on number through a mixture of interactive whole class teaching, guided practice and independent work as can be seen from the Medium term plans

In Science we will be finding out about Classification and the Classification System.  In History, we are studying the Anglo Saxons (Invaders and Settlers)

In PE we will be looking at strength and fitness and aerobic exercise.

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We are on the second floor of the school.  We really enjoy our learning. We are using DOJO to  show how well we are progressing. If you have not  yet subscribed yet,  please do so now as we  hope to  share pictures and messages with you. Pupils-I-Class Pupils-J-Class Pupils-K-Class Sample Medium Term Plan.docx aut 2.pdf

Aut 2 Medium Term Plan

Pupils-MFL-Class Medium Term Plan Spring 1.pdf

Medium Term Plan Spring 1

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Y6 Curriculum Map 2016-17

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NB Year 5-6 Breadth planner 2017 18 spr

NB topic planner spring 2.pdf

NB topic planner spring 2