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Breadth Planner 2017- 18

Getting to know you.

Invaders and Settlers topic plan

Key Stage 2  Curriculum Breadth Planner

We are located upstairs in our bright and airy  classroom with a lovely view over the field and the  Solent.   We are looking forward to using lots more outdoor  space this year as well as enjoying our fantastic  new facilities.

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Pupils-I-Class Pupils-J-Class Pupils-K-Class class letter Aut 2.pdf

Class letter

Aut 2

Invaders and Settlers and Holy and Holly topic.pdf

Invaders and Settlers and Holy and Holly topic - Aut 2

Pupils-MFL-Class Walk like an Egyptian Spring 1.pdf

Walk like an Egyptian Spring 1

Classs-Home-Pages Pupils-A-Class Pupils-B-Class Y3 DR Class letter.pdf Y3 DR medium term plan.pdf

Class Letter Summer 1

Medium Term Plan Summer 1

Y3 DR english planning.pdf

English Plan Summer 1