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About Me:

For the first few weeks we will be focussing on settling in and getting to know one another, through a range of games and activities. Our topic for the rest of term is based around Anglo saxons. Please click on the medium plan, for this half term, to find out what your child will be learning. Please can you support us in encouraging your child to read daily at home. Reading to your child is also a fantastic way for them to develop an interest in books, learn new vocabulary, as well as being a lovely activity to share. In English lessons we follow the 'No nonsense spelling' programme-spellings will come home weekly for them to learn. 


Year 2/3 team: Miss Gaskin,  Mrs Drake, Mrs Paul and Mrs Ross.  Welcome to year 2/3.   Our class is a mixed 2/3 class based  upstairs in the new build. Breadth Planner 2017-18 NG y2-3.pdf AUT 1 year 2-3  2017-18 NG.pdf Aut1-2 year2-3 2017-18 NG Invaders and Settlers topic .pdf




NG Y2-3

Aut 1-2 Year 2-3 2017-18 NG Invaders and Settlers topic

AUT 1 Year 2-3  2017-18 NG


Pupils-I-Class Pupils-J-Class Pupils-K-Class Class letter -.pdf

Autumn 1 Class Letter

yr 2 3 Autumn Miss Gaskin 1.pdf

Autumn Year 2-3  Spanish

yr 2 3 Spanish for your medium term website.pdf

Autumn Year 2-3

Spanish Medium Term Planning