Pupils-C-Class Pupils-D-Class Pupils-E-Class Pupils-F-Class Pupils-G-Class Pupils-H-Class Pupils-L-Class Pupils-Computing-Class Pupils-MFL-Class Mrs Bridle Hello and welcome to Year 2.  We have started off this Autumn term  with activities that are PSHE based and  creating our class community.  In the classroom we have myself Mrs Bridle  as class teacher and Mrs Maguire and  Miss Street as assistants. Breadth Planner 2016-17 RSVB .pdf Medium Term Planner Flotsam.pdf Literacy planning Autumn 1.pdf Year 2 Numeracy Long term planning (1).pdf

Breadth Planner

2016-17 RSVB

Literacy planning Autumn 1

Medium Term Planner Flotsam

Year 2 Numeracy Long term planning (1)

About Me:

Pupils-I-Class Pupils-J-Class Pupils-K-Class Pupils-MFL-Class The Jolly Christmas Postman planning.pdf A walk in London recount planning.pdf

The Jolly Christmas Postman planning

A walk in London recount planning.

Medium Term Planner Jolly christmas postman.docx 2.pdf

Medium Term Planner Jolly Christmas Postman.

Letter to parents SPR1_.pdf

Letter to parents

Spring 1

Medium Term Planner Weather spr 1.pdf

Medium Term Planner Weather Spring 1

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