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Welcome to Year 1 / 2

We are situated on the ground floor of the school building and have access to an outside provision area.

The staff in the class are Mr Snelling, Mrs Southwell and Mrs Mitchell.

For phonics, we follow the "Letters and Sounds" phonics scheme. More information about this phonics scheme can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/letters-and-sounds

Our class reading scheme is based on "The Oxford Reading Tree".

More information can be found at:



Breadth Planner 2016-17.pdf Medium Term Planner Flotsam - Autumn 1.pdf Literacy Planner - Autumn 1.pdf






Autumn 1

Medium Term Planner Flotsam Autumn 1


Pupils-I-Class Pupils-J-Class Pupils-K-Class English Planner Autumn 2.pdf

English Planner Autumn 2

Pupils-MFL-Class English Planner Spring 1.pdf

English Planner Spring 1

Classs-Home-Pages Pupils-A-Class Pupils-B-Class Medium Term Planner Spring 2.pdf

Medium Term Planner

Spring 2

Medium Term Planner Spring 1.pdf

Medium Term Planner Spring 1

English Planner Spring 2_.pdf

English Planner

Spring 2

Y1_2 RS Medium Term Planner Summer1.pdf

Medium Term Plan Summer 1

Y1_2 RS English Planner Summer 1.pdf

English Plan Summer 1

Y1_2 RS Letter to parents SUM 1 Yr 2.pdf

Class letter Summer 1