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2017 - 2018 Breadth Planner

Our class topic this term is Material Makers.  We will be looking at the properties and uses  of a variety of materials.  In R.E. we will be exploring the concept of  ‘Special` with a particular focus on special  times that we have shared with others.

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MTP - SR Year 1 Autumn 1 (003).pdf

Meduim Term Planner

Autumn 1

Spanish yr 1 Mrs Rowe.pdf

Autumn Year 1  Spanish

Pupils-I-Class Pupils-J-Class Pupils-K-Class Spanish Yr1 Autumn 1 Mrs Rowe 2017 18.pdf

Autumn Year 1 Spanish Medium Term

Autumn 1 2017 Newsletter-1.pdf

Autumn 1

Class Newsletter

MTP - SR Year 1 Autumn 2.pdf

MTP - SR Year 1 Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Newsletter 2017.pdf

Autumn 2

Class Newsletter

Pupils-MFL-Class Spring 1 Newsletter 2018.pdf

Spring 1 Newsletter 2018

MTP - SR Year 1 Spring 1.pdf

MTP - SR Year 1 Spring 1


Feb 18

Half Term  Phones Screen Practice list

Phonic Screen homework.pdf

Feb 18

Half Term  Phones Screen Homework

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Spring 2

Class Newsletter