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2017 - 2018 Breadth Planner

About Me:

MTP - SR Year 1 Autumn 1 (003).pdf

Meduim Term Planner

Autumn 1

Spanish yr 1 Mrs Rowe.pdf

Autumn Year 1  Spanish

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Autumn Year 1 Spanish Medium Term

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Autumn 1

Class Newsletter

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MTP - SR Year 1 Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Newsletter 2017.pdf

Autumn 2

Class Newsletter

Pupils-MFL-Class Spring 1 Newsletter 2018.pdf

Spring 1 Newsletter 2018

MTP - SR Year 1 Spring 1.pdf

MTP - SR Year 1 Spring 1


Feb 18

Half Term  Phones Screen Practice list

Phonic Screen homework.pdf

Feb 18

Half Term  Phones Screen Homework

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Spring 2

Class Newsletter

Our classroom is on the bottom corridor and we have a great view of St John`s House and the Solent beyond! The adults in our classroom are Mrs Wallace, Miss Jones and Mr Evans. Our Foundation Governor, Mrs Allen joins us for special activities and some of our RE lessons. Mr Morrison, a volunteer who enjoys working with children, joins us every Wednesday. This half term we are swimming every Monday afternoon at The Waterside Pool.

Y1 SR Class letter.pdf

Summer 1 Class Newsletter

Y1 SR Medium Term Plan Summer 1.pdf

Summer 1 Medium Term Plan

Y1 SR - Spring 2 Literacy Plan_.pdf

Spring 2 English Plan

MTP - SR Year 1 Summer 2.pdf

Summer 2 Medium Term Plan